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Chicaho Horror Film Festival


After Party Saturday @ Exit


Starting Tonight-6th Chicago Horror Film Festival
We are now only one day away from the start of the 6th Chicago Horror Film Festival, and here is just some of the things that will be taking place this weekend and all of next week.
1.) JUST ANNOUNCED--- On Monday, Oct. 31st, we will feature a costume contest. So if anyone wants to dress up and come to the festival, we will have a judged costume contest. Prizes are yet to be announced.
2.) Guest Appearances by many of the people involved with films in the film festival
Chuck Williams (Bubba Ho-Tep)
Dylan Bank, Dir. (Nightmare)
Weston Blakesley, Actor (The Mangler Reborn)
Steve Christopher, Actor (Confederate Zombie Massacre)
Terry L. Robbins & Ioana A. Miller, Prod. (WIthIN)
Angelique Hennessy, Jerad Anderson, Sean A. Mulvihill, and T.W. Porrill,
Actors (Bad Reputation)
Forrest Allison, DP (Bad Reputation)
Chris Landers, Prod. (Bad Reputation)
3.) We will be featuring nearly fifty films, stretched out over seven days.
Films including:
The Mangler Reborn (The Latest in the Mangler franchise)
Neighborhood Watch (Winner of best visual effeects at the New York Horror Film Festival)
Camp Daze (Winner of Best Picture at the Indy Horror Film Festival)
Nightmare (Winner of Best Actor at the New York City Horror Film Festival)
Roadkill (Winner of People's Choice award at the New York City Horror Film Festival).
Bad Reputation
Curse of El Charro
Horror Business (Acclaimed documentary on the makings on Independent horror films.)
4.) We will have an Awards ceremony on Thursday, Nov. 3rd to award our winners.
Some Come on Out and remember,
Have Fun,
5. Festival takes place once again at the great historic theater in Chicago, the 3 Penny Cinema. It is located at 2424 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago Il 60614.
And here is the latest on one of our selected films, Neighborhood Watch

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH claims first casualty

When it had its first public showing this past weekend at the New York City Horror Film Festival, writer/director Graeme Whifler’s NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH shocked and audibly grossed out the audience with its mix of extreme psychosis and assorted bodily fluids. The movie’s effect was particularly profound on one viewer: “I’m very happy to report that someone fainted at our premiere screening,” says Michael Brody, who produced WATCH with Jeff Kirshbaum. “He recovered shortly thereafter and was able to laugh about it, but the fact that he was a special makeup effects artist [Casey Kirkpatrick] made it more interesting.”

“I was down in the front of the theater,” recalls Whifler, “and I looked back and saw this guy flop down into the middle of the aisle. I didn’t know what was happening at first.”

“What was so great,” notes Kirshbaum, “was that when we ran into him later, he was telling us how the film really got to him—it was a slow buildup.”

“That was our first screening, too,” adds Whifler. “And I heard somebody else got hives. We’re still hoping for a death.”

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH, which won the Best Special FX award at the New York Horror Fest, focuses on a deranged individual named Adrian (Nick Searcy, pictured) who terrorizes a young couple who have just moved onto his street. Look for more coverage of the movie in the pages of Fango early next year, and find out more about WATCH at its official website. —Michael Gingold

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