whats in a name? (ex_tames) wrote in vortexzine,
whats in a name?

just a little something i had to let out

i know who has this community on their friends list.

and you better read this and comment you will be shunned.

this is the long lost daughter of valparaiso, Indiana, amy ashley allen. even though, these days, i am rarely seen around those parts, i've noticed something that disturbs me:
northwest indiana has an ever expanding lack of ambition which seems to have grow more and more every time i return. it seems like there was a time when people valued or at least supported each others creative efforts. i guess there have been a few shows, and thats great. But wouldn't it be cool to be known or know someone's name by their artwork/poetry/short stories/opinions/rants/ideas or interests before you've even met them?
or, at the very least, doesn't anyone have something important to say?
does anyone think or create anymore?
or are people too zoned out or stuck up to care about other people's creative efforts?

1.take some interest in yourselves and do something.

2.then, if we all aren't too busy zoning out at a T.V. screen, or wasting hours with soon forgotten words over countless cups of coffee and cigarettes, go over to tony's house and give him the fruit of your labors.

who cares if you don't know him well or you haven't spoken in a while; do it anyway.
if you don't know where he lives than email him for an address and get yourself a fucking stamp. the man can't do this alone.


i don't want to believe that people from the region are just white-bred photocopies in various sub-groups defined by styles of clothes or popular music.

now, i got that out
i'm sorry for yelling
i've been a little stressed out and i'm hopped up on study drugs
how is everyone doing?
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